Rubric for Content Text Set Selections

Name_________________________________________      Score_______/20_________

Performance Assessment



Needs Improvement

Average Performance





-Book Selections


-cultural if apropos

-Intro and diverse students

-Minimum Books: 5


-Genre identified

-Awards noted

 2 point
Criteria are not met adequately or some are questionable in meeting the requirements.

 4 points
Criteria is met adequately except one criterion appears missing or questionable information provided.

 5 points
Criteria is met in all categories.

6 points
Criteria is met in all categories with a wide range of books including multicultural ones. Wide variety of reading levels displayed.



 of Each Book



-Read-Aloud Book identified and use discussed


Provides a limited synopsis of the books.


Lacks some bibliographic material


Read-Aloud not included 

 4 points
Provides somewhat restricted description of the books limited to information that could be derived from online or book jacket material.


Bibliographic material included


Read-Aloud included

6 points
Provides good understanding of the books showing that the books  have been read.


Bibliographic material complete.


Some information regarding Read-Aloud

8 points
Provides strong understanding of the books as is evidenced by original responses to the books that include elements of writing /illustration unique to using the book.


All bibliographic information complete.


Use of Read- Aloud

Strategy for Using Text Sets Provided

-Any references or Links

-Any application of



 2 points
Strategy provided with little or unclear discussion of the activity.


References or other links or applications not included

Strategy use clearly provided with good discussion.


May include some references or other links or some application

4 points
Strategy provides clear understand-able use that supports a study/unit.


Includes some links and application for use of trade book materials

6 points
Strong discussion of strategy with clear description.


Attention to links and materials with ideas for application may be included


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