Cloze Strategy/Assessment


The cloze strategy can be used to:

Determine readability of text

Strengthen cuing systems (syntactic, semantic and graphophonic)

Help determine background knowledge of a topic

Help with comprehension



60% or higher

  independent level (read on own)


instructional level (read with teacherís help)

Less than 40%

(too hard even with help)


Cloze Checklist


_____  Did you include a description of the cloze procedure?

_____  Did you include ways the cloze can be used to help you as a teacher? (See ideas above)

_____ Did you include directions to create a cloze and directions for any modifications?

_____ Did you include a personally created sample that applied to materials with which your students could work? 


_____ Did the sample have good directions for the students?


_____ Did you include a copy of the material (including APA reference) for the material from which you created the cloze?


_____ Did you include directions for scoring the cloze?


_____ Did you include directions for adaptations in scoring?


_____ Did you include discussion on what to do with the results of the cloze after you have obtained them?


_____ Did you include an assessment of the procedure and any modifications you would make next time?


Cloze Procedure Rubric

What is it?  Demonstrates ability to create a cloze procedure useful for determining the difficulty of reading materials or another aspect such as student background for reading the text.  Describes the cloze procedure, ways to use, directions for creating, a personally created sample with student directions and reference for the materials, scoring procedures, adaptations and discussion for use of the results.


did not follow the directions for completing the assignment or does not appear to understand the concept for using the cloze procedure, or has too many aspects of the assignment missing



employs some of the essential components for completing the assignment, but important aspects of the assignment are missing




                   ( 6)


demonstrates an understanding of the central concepts for use of the cloze procedure and has most of the essential components of the assignment included






demonstrates the central concepts for use of one of the cloze procedure and includes all of the essential components for completing the assignment with excellent discussion throughout.



Links:  example with whales  Build custom cloze activities from Ed Helper Example



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