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Senior Project Papers

Examples of previous capstone project papers.

Kate Adkins

May 2010

Segregation and Reading Disparity in Augusta, Georgia

Steven Armour

May 2010

Eric Clapton, Eric Burden, and British Renderings of American Blues in the 1960s

Kika Caparisos

May 2009

Love Defined: A Study of the Concept of Romantic Love Among Georgia College Students

Brittany Curry

May 2010

How the Bible Belt Split the U. S. into Upper and Lower Torsos

Gretchen DeBaun

May 2010

Contributors to Disordered Eating

Lindsey Donahoo

May 2010

Choosing to Read: The Importance of Discussion-Based Classrooms in High School English

Jennifer Duncan

December 2009

Influencing Leaders of Tomorrow

John Fogleman

May 2010

The Other's Other is You

Katey Elliott

May 2008

The Voice of the Chicano Community

Beth Gaylor

May 2010

Standardized Testing Isn't Always the Right Answer

Leigh Griffith

August 2008

Medical Interpretation in Georgia

Lera Harben

December 2008

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Refugee Mental Health during the Acculturation Process

Becki Howard

May 2010

The Baby-Boomers: Aging Holistically through Inter-Generation Programs

Christin Ivey

May 2009

A Satellite Self:  The Impact of Gulf States Satellite Television on Tunisia's Cultural Identity

Bobby Jones

May 2009

More than a Roof Over Our Heads: Community Housing Solutions for the Twenty-First Century

Mary Claire Leonard

May 2010

Redesigning Sexual Health Education in Georgia's School System

Chris Marler

May 2010

 Garnering Respect as a Circumstantial Foreigner

Ashley McNair

May 2010

Recovering from the Effects of Intimate Partner Violence

Marcus Peden

May 2009

Expressing an Importance in Conservation Through Art and Gardens

Matthew Perez

May 2008

How Far is Too Far?

Andrew Phillips

May 2010

 School Choice: A Potentially Beneficial Reform in Education

Lisa Scarboro

December 2009

Tenant Satisfaction: How and What Works

Dallas Smith

May 2009

Human Trafficking/ Sex Trafficking:  How, Where, and Why They Still Exist in the 21st Century? Can Anything Be Done?

Jennifer Stoudenmier

May 2009

Scaling the Pink Tower: Investigating Montessori Education

John Sutton

May 2009

Kids That Can Read Good: The Importance of Community in the Literacy of High School Students

Katie Strack

May 2009

Education in 3-D: A Closer Look at the Environment's Role in Educational Inequalities Due to Low Socio-Economic Status

Zach Swilling

December 2008

Socio­Political Site Selection for a Sustainable Seawater Farming Project

Kristen Tankesley

December 2009

Is It Really So Black And White? An Analysis of Adolescent Attitudes and Perspectives of Racial Identity and Whiteness

Erica VanKeuren

May 2010

Traveling Trunk

Jessica Wilbanks

May 2009

Misconceptions of Hispanics in Middle Georgia Created by Mainstream Media

Jon Yoder

December 2008

Hildegard of Bingen: Interdisciplinarian of Medieval Europe

"Interdisciplinarians often hope that some grand unifying theory will fall out of their efforts. More often, it is found that multiple theories—and evidence from multiple methods—are necessary.  Integration occurs when the insights of each particular theory and method are delineated, and it is shown how, in combination, they yield a better explanation than any of them in isolation."

(Szostak, R. 2002. How to do interdisciplinarity: Integrating the debate. Issues in Integrative Studies 20:103-122.)


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