New Developments in Mobile Learning (mLearning)
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This is the companion web site for Dr. Frank Lowney's (email | web site) presentation to the Online Lifeline Conference (February 19, 2010 11:00-11:45). It includes a recording of the presentation itself (screencast) plus references to various online resources that attendees and others may find useful in pursuing the topic further.

The Presentation
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Video Screencast of Presentation: New Developments in Mobile Learning (mLearning)
Duration: 37 Minutes
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Support Materials

MobilAP: The Mobile Academic Platform (added 10/1/2010)

Conference Site

Wikipedia: mLearning

Where it all began: Archive of GCSU's iPod Project Web Site (2002-2006)

K-12 mLearning: Tony Vincent's "Learning in Hand" Web Site.

The 2010 Horizon Report

Apple: Mobile Education

Apple: An Introduction to iTunes U

Apple: iTunes U (iTunes application required: DOWNLOAD)

Apple: Mobile Learning

The ePub Standard (International Digital Publishing Forum)

TeleRead: ePub demystified Tomorrow's e-book reader the web browser?

Wikipedia: ePub

Project Gutenberg Learn how to create iTunes LP and iTunes Extras code.

Apple: The Official Documentation for creating Apple LP and iTunes Extras.

Apple: iPad

Resources for Podcasting: Podcasting 1101

Resources for Sceencasting: Introduction to Screencasting

Examples: USG Podcasting Server Publishing Options

Recent Research on mLearning

Schools with Established, High Profile mLearning Programs or Requirements

Applications and Technologies Referenced in the Presentation:

mLearning Tools for Learning Management Systems

Open Educational Resources:

Blogs & Articles on eBooks, eTexts etc.:

Copyright and Fair Use Issues Related to mLearning