Lisa M. Griffin, Ed.D.
Chair & Coordinator for Physical Education
  College of Health Sciences ~ Department of Kinesiology


 You have reached the website of Dr. Lisa Griffin, Program Coordinator for Physical Education in the Department of Kinesiology at
 Georgia College & State University. Please read our liberal arts mission and see how we choose to prepare students to teach health and
 physical education here at GCSU.  Then use the links at the top of the page to find out more about the courses, me, and a plethora of other
 fun things!

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 GCSU Mission
 As the state's designated public liberal arts university, Georgia College & State University is committed to combining the educational
 experiences typical of esteemed private liberal arts colleges with the affordability of public higher education. GCSU is a residential learning
 community that emphasizes undergraduate education and offers selected graduate programs. The faculty is dedicated to challenging
 students and fostering excellence in the classroom and beyond. GCSU seeks to endow its graduates with a passion for achievement, a
 lifelong curiosity, and exuberance for learning.

 Physical Education Mission
 The mission for Physical Education and Health K-12/Licensure is to
provide an educational foundation enabling our students to develop
 into successful, professional educators and contributing community members. Cognitive course work, teaching methods, educational
 foundations, skill acquisition and practical teaching experiences, and an understanding of the scientific foundations of human performance
 are just part of the educational process. These experiences afford the individual the opportunity to become a certified K-12 health and
 physical educator. Advocacy for excellence in physical education as described by NASPE standards (National Association for Sport and
 Physical Education) and the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) for Physical Education is an integral part of our core mission as our
 faculty and students work with diverse groups of students in the pre-K to 12 setting.
Graduates are qualified to teach physical education,
 health, and coach in public schools, grades K-12. Graduates are also qualified to apply for graduate school, supervise and manage various
 recreational programs, organize and direct intramural programs, and teach in special education environments.